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Mizfits – The premier Misfits Tribute Band
Mizfits formed for a one-off Halloween show in 2009, but quickly became a staple and standout of the tribute band circuit due to their expert musicianship, incredible and unbelievable stage show, and relentless high energy performances!   They recently have come off of dates with the Ink Life Tour and performed live for the A&E show based on Ink Life.


The Mizfits are comprised of musicians that have played in such bands as The Independents, The Drag, Strike-O-Matics, and October Chorus, just to name a few. Their musicianship and energy adds a dimension to the original songs by the Danzig-era Misfits that makes the show and sound unforgettable!


Their stage show consisted of 9 foot tall trees, giant skulls, tombstones, and zombie seductresses just in case they didn’t get your attention with the other props and their over the top costumes and stage presence.


They will rock your Zombie brain out!!